Multi-Discipline The Problems and Solutions of a Generalist Maker


Dusting off the old weblog, after a five-year absence 😅

The Jekyll site has been chugging along maintenance-free this whole time. All I’ve done is keep my DigitalOcean invoices paid.

I built this site and set up hosting two dev machines ago, though, so I had completely forgotten how to publish. The Multi-Discipline code had never even been on my current machine (let alone appropriate git remotes and SSH keys set up, et cetera).

In trying to figure out how past-me had set up the publishing flow, my brain (clouded, unreliable 👎) was nudging me in the direction of popular Jekyll-based hosting option GitHub Pages, and I spent a few hours trying to resurrect a publishing flow that never was.

But then I took a few minutes to read my own first post on this blog, The Making of Multi-Discipline (clear, faithful 👍), and I was put back on the right track. Documentation, FTW 🎉 (thanks, past-me)!

I set up a local git remote for the DigitalOcean droplet, did a test push (which failed, so I wrangled some SSH keys and pushed again), and was back in business.

Since my attention was momentarily back on Multi-Discipline, I took the time to upgrade my trusty DigitalOcean droplet to the latest version of Ubuntu (18.04, up from 14.4) along with some other packages, and did some content/template housekeeping, for good measure.

A quick tune-up, and everything seems ready to roll 😎👏